Development of Infant Feeding Skills

Development of Infant Feeding Skills


  • tongue is disproportionately large in comparison with the lower jaw: fills the oral cavity
  • lower jaw is moved back relative to the upper jaw, which protrudes over the lower by approximately 2 mm.
  • tongue tip lies between the upper and lower jaws.
  • “fat pad” in each of the cheeks: serves as prop for the muscles in the cheek, maintaining rigidity of the cheeks during suckling.
  • feeding pattern described as “suckling”

Development of Infant Feeding Skills

Age   (months) Development Feeding/oral   sensorimotor
Birth   to 4-6 Visual   fixation and tracking, learning to control body against gravity, sitting with   support near 6 months, rolling over, hand to mouth Nipple   feeding, hand on bottle (2-4 months), maintains semiflexed posture during   feeding, promotion of infant-parent interaction
6-9 Sitting   independently for short time, mouthing hand and toys, extended reach with   pincer grasp, object permanence, stranger anxiety, crawling skills emerging Feeding   more upright position, spoon feeding smooth purees, suckle pattern–à suck, both hands   hold bottle, finger feeding introduced, vertical munching, preference for   parental feeding
9-12 Pulling   to stand, cruising, first steps by 12 months, some independent spoon feeding,   refining pincer grasp Cup   drinking, eats lumpy/mashed foods, finger feeding, chewing includes rotary   jaw action
12-18 Refining   gross and fine motor skills, independent walking, climbing stairs, running,   grasping and releasing with precision Self   feeding, grasps spoon with whole hand, 2-handed cup holding, drinking with   4-5 consecutive swallows, holding and tipping cup

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