Feeding and Swallowing Development

Feeding and Swallowing Development

  • Feeding is a reflexive activity, and should be effortless, efficient, effective, and pleasurable
  • Proper nourishment is the most important job for parents of a newborn
  • First two years of life: move from a reflexive feeder to an independent eater with specific preferences for taste and texture

Birth to Six Months

Four primitive reflexes facilitate feeding outside the womb:

  • Suckling: stimulating the infant’s lips will result in suckling, which will be followed by a swallow
  • Rooting: stimulating the area around the infant’s mouth will elicit a head turn in the direction of stimulus
  • Grasping: infant’s fingers will close tightly around a stimulus placed in the palm
  • Gagging: protective reflex that triggers a strong physical reaction to substances entering the laryngeal area

Six to 12 Months

  • Increased trunk support and head control for sitting – transition to solid foods
  • Active biting and chewing – new teeth
  • Shift in position from reclining to upright – more face to face engagement and social interaction
  • 8-9 months: independent sitting – everything goes into the mouth as a way of exploring the world
  • Critical period in the child’s future acceptance of foods


  • Moving to be more independent eater – may no longer wish to be fed by the caregiver
  • Increasingly has the words to express wants
  • By 18 months, get many calories through regular table food (eating with the rest of the family)
  • By 24 months, total mastery of all foods is expected

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