Update References Eating Disorders from International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Update References Eating Disorders from International Journal of Eating Disorders. January 2012 Volume 45, Issue 1

  • Clinical Forums: The myths of motivation: Time for a fresh look at some received wisdom in the eating disorders? (pages 1–16). Glenn Waller
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  • Moderators of weight gain in the early stages of outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with anorexia nervosa (pages 51–56). Rebecca Lockwood, Lucy Serpell and Glenn Waller
  • “Do you still want to be seen?”: The pros and cons of active waiting list management (pages 57–62). Madeleine Tatham, Hannah Stringer, Samanthi Perera and Glenn Waller
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  • Disordered eating and religious observance: A focus on ultra-orthodox Jews in an adult community study (pages 101–109). Marjorie C. Feinson and Adi Meir
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  • Seasonal patterns of birth for subjects with bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and purging: Results from the National Women’s Study (pages 131–134) Timothy D. Brewerton, Bonnie S. Dansky, Patrick M. O’Neil and Dean G. Kilpatrick
  • Binge eating disorder psychopathology in normal weight and obese individuals (pages 135–138). Alexandra E. Dingemans and Eric F. van Furth
  • By how much will the proposed new DSM-5 criteria increase the prevalence of binge eating disorder? (pages 139–141). James I. Hudson, Caitlin E. Coit, Justine K. Lalonde and Harrison G. Pope Jr.
  • Cultural variability in expressed emotion among families of adolescents with anorexia nervosa (pages 142–145). Renee Rienecke Hoste, Zandre Labuschagne, James Lock and Daniel Le Grange
  • Immunogenicity and safety of H1N1 vaccination in anorexia nervosa—Results from a pilot study (pages 146–149). Arne Zastrow, Paul Schnitzler, Isabella Eckerle, Wolfgang Herzog and Hans-Christoph Friederich
  • PseudoBartter syndrome in eating disorders (pages 150–153). Amit Bahia, Margherita Mascolo, Jennifer L. Gaudiani and Philip S. Mehler


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