Titik Akupuntur dan Akupresur Untuk Sulit Makan

Titik Akupuntur dan Akupresur Untuk Sulit Makan


Bladder Channel BL15 Acupuncture Point (心俞 (xīn shū)) / (심유 (sim yu))
China:  (xīn shū)

Korea:  (sim yu)

Translasi: Heart Shu Point

Lokasi CAM : 1.5 cun lateral to Du-11 at level of lower border of spinous process of 5th thoracic vertebra.


Bladder Channel BL20 Acupuncture Point (脾俞 (pí shū)) / (비유 (bi yu))
China: (pí shū)

Korea: (bi yu)

Translasi: Spleen Shu Point

Lokasi CAM : 1.5 cun lateral to Du-6 at level of lower border of spinous process of 11th thoracic vertebra.


Heart Channel HT7 Acupuncture Point (神門 (shén mén)) / (신문 (sin mun))
China: (shén mén)

Korean:  (sin mun)

Translation: Spirit Gate

CAM Location: at ulnar end of transverse crease of wrist in depression on radial side of tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris.


Spleen Channel SP1 Acupuncture Point (隱白 (yǐn bái)) / (은백 (eun baek))
China:  (yǐn bái)

Korea: (eun baek)

Translation: Hidden White

CAM Location: on medial side of great toe 0.1 cun posterior to corner of nail.


Spleen Channel SP6 Acupuncture Point (三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)) / (삼음교 (sam eum gyo))
China:  (sān yīn jiāo)

Korea:  (sam eum gyo)

Translasi: Three Yin Intersection

Lokasi CAM : 3 cun directly above tip of medial malleolus posterior to medial border of tibia.

sumber: http://www.diyacu.com

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